Buoys and Beacons

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Note: The bottom of the symbol marks the position of buoys and beacons.



File:ChartImage_41.jpg41conical buoy
File:ChartImage_36.jpg36can buoy
File:ChartImage_53.jpg53pillar buoy
File:ChartImage_59.jpg59spar buoy
File:ChartImage_55.jpg55spherical buoy
File:ChartImage_35.jpg35barrel buoy
File:ChartImage_158.jpg158light float
File:ChartImage_160.jpg160light vessel
File:ChartImage_52.jpg52installation buoy and mooring buoy, simplified
File:ChartImage_62.jpg62LANBY, super-buoy
File:ChartImage_43.jpg43default symbol for buoy
File:ChartImage_50.jpg50mooring buoy, barrel shape
File:ChartImage_51.jpg51mooring buoy, can shape
File:ChartImage_44.jpg44installation buoy

Topmarks for buoys

File:ChartImage_377.jpg377topmark for buoys, cone point up
File:ChartImage_385.jpg385topmark for buoys, cylinder
File:ChartImage_379.jpg379topmark for buoys, 2 cones point upward
File:ChartImage_380.jpg380topmark for buoys, 2 cones point downward
File:ChartImage_381.jpg381topmark for buoys, 2 cones base to base
File:ChartImage_382.jpg382topmark for buoys, 2 cones point to point
File:ChartImage_384.jpg384topmark for buoys, 2 spheres
File:ChartImage_383.jpg383topmark for buoys, sphere
File:ChartImage_401.jpg401topmark for buoys, x-shape
File:ChartImage_378.jpg378topmark for buoys, cone point down
File:ChartImage_386.jpg386topmark for buoys, board
File:ChartImage_387.jpg387topmark for buoys, cube point up
File:ChartImage_388.jpg388topmark for buoys, flag or other shape
File:ChartImage_389.jpg389topmark for buoys, T-Shape


File:ChartImage_21.jpg21beacon in general
File:ChartImage_22.jpg22default symbol for beacon
File:ChartImage_28.jpg28lattice beacon
File:ChartImage_33.jpg33minor, stake or pole beacon
File:ChartImage_34.jpg34beacon tower
File:ChartImage_176.jpg176conspicuous notice board
File:ChartImage_75.jpg75conspicuous cairn
File:ChartImage_101.jpg101square or rectangular daymark
File:ChartImage_104.jpg104triangular daymark, point up
File:ChartImage_105.jpg105triangular daymark, point down
File:ChartImage_200.jpg200withy, port-hand
File:ChartImage_201.jpg201withy, starboard-hand

Topmarks for beacons

File:ChartImage_398.jpg398topmark for beacons, cylinder
File:ChartImage_390.jpg390topmark for beacons, cone point up
File:ChartImage_405.jpg405topmark for beacons, besom point up
File:ChartImage_404.jpg404topmark for beacons, besom point down
File:ChartImage_392.jpg392topmark for beacons, 2 cones point upward
File:ChartImage_394.jpg394topmark for beacons, 2 cones base to base
File:ChartImage_393.jpg393topmark for beacons, 2 cones point downward
File:ChartImage_395.jpg395topmark for beacons, 2 cones point to point
File:ChartImage_397.jpg397topmark for beacons, 2 spheres
File:ChartImage_396.jpg396topmark for beacons, sphere
File:ChartImage_402.jpg402topmark for beacons, x-shape
File:ChartImage_391.jpg391topmark for beacons, cone point down
File:ChartImage_399.jpg399topmark for beacons, board
File:ChartImage_400.jpg400topmark for beacons, cube point up
File:ChartImage_406.jpg406topmark for beacons, T-shape
File:ChartImage_403.jpg403topmark for beacons, upright cross

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