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If Nuno or the RYA Training Plotter is misbehaving or you would like some help with it please don't suffer in silence.

Although we try to make them easy to use they are complex products and sometimes need technical help.


Support Email

Both Nuno and the RYA training plotter have "Support Centre" panels with a link to send a support message.

When we get a support message it is automatically logged and routed to the Nuno team. We normally reply within a few hours during daytime and certainly within 24 hours.


To display the support centre click on the show button.


Link to to send a support email.

If you have an email client like Outlook set up on a PC you can take the option to have it make a ready made email for you to just click Send. If you use web email like Gmail (etc) or run a Mac you can take the option to copy to clipboard and then paste it into an email to


If there is a problem with the software it may show you an error and give you the option of sending a support message. Please do use this as it will help us fix problems for you (and everybody else).

The support email will include details of the error and some information about your Nuno setup to help us diagnose the fault.

Reinstalling the Application

Uninstalling and reinstalling an application to fix problems is rarely as effective as it was in the past. These days Windows is generally good at automatically detecting an application whose installation needs repairing.

Please don't waste your time uninstalling and reinstalling the application repeatedly before getting in touch. If we think that it would help we will ask you to uninstall and reinstall.

Applying Windows Updates

Microsoft supply updates to fix things all the time. Although very occasionally an update has an unfortunate side effect they are on the whole a good thing. After updates have been automatically applied your computer may nag you to restart in order to complete the updating. Please do this before seeking help.

MSINFO32.EXE (Windows PC)

MSINFO32 is a Microsoft tool that can make a file containing a great deal of technical information about a PC. That information can help us diagnose problems with the software. We may ask you to do this during support but there is no need to go to the trouble until we ask.

1. Restart your PC.
2. Please run Nuno (or the RYA Training Plotter).
3. Run MSINFO32 - easiest way to do this is press the "windows key" and the "R" key (picture of Microsoft Windows logo on it, somewhere toward the bottom left of your keyboard, normally between Ctrl and Alt) a box will pop up, please type "MSINFO32" in and press Enter).
4. An application with System Information should appear. Click on the File menu (top left of window) and Export and save to your Documents folder so that you can attach the file to an email to us.

System Information (Mac)

OSX can create a file containing technical information about the mac's hardware and the software installed. That information can help us diagnose problems with the software. We may ask you to do this during support but there is no need to go to the trouble until we ask.

The link to the Apple support website below describes how to export a copy of the report. Please email the report to us if we ask.

Bad Request when Activating

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Installing the RYA Training Plotter

Install the training plotter application
Activate the training plotter application
Update the plotter application

Using the Charts

Understand the chart
Chart Symbols
Move around the chart
Find something on the chart
Change units and formats
Change what is displayed on the chart
View Raster Charts

Passage Planning

Create a route
Create a line
Types of Pencil Line
Create an area
Create a point
Undo changes
Organize overlays
Import Overlays
Share overlays with other people

Route Monitoring

Playback a NMEA file
Follow a pre-planned route
Orientate the route monitor
See Your Track


Reset Window Layout
Getting Support