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The training plotter needs to be activated first using the code from the exercise book in your training pack.

The training plotter is only available to trainees on an RYA Training course. The codes on the exercise books are single use - so please don't pass them around.

You need an internet connection for the activation of the plotter.


When you activate the plotter an email address is used as your user name. The RYA will not pass this address on to another company.

When you type an email address in the plotter will check to see if that email address already has a plotter account associated with it - if it is the first time you have activated it will ask you to enter a password (twice) and the code from your card.


Click the Activate button when you are ready.

After briefly whirring the application will be activated. A chart will appear to the left.


Activating Again:

If you are installing the plotter on another PC for backup, moving to a new PC or have wiped the operating system and need to re-activate then you should use the email address and password that you used when you first activated the plotter with the code.

When you type in an email address that has already been used for the plotter it will ask for your password (but not the code that was originally used).

If you cannot remember the password please click the link "I forgot my password" - a password reset link will be sent to your email address.

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