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In the bottom right of the passage planning view you can see what units that depths and distances (and format for positions) are being displayed as in Nuno Navigator.


To change what type of units Nuno Navigator displays, click on an individual control to cycle through the different options.

Note: changing the units with these controls changes them throughout Nuno Navigator.

Nuno Navigator uses the computer's settings wherever possible

  • Date and time formats can be set in the Control Panel, Regional and Language Settings
  • Time Zone can be set in the Control Panel, Date and Time

Depths and Heights can be displayed in:

  • Feet (ft)
  • Meters (m)

Distances can be displayed in:

  • Kilometers (km)
  • Statute Miles (mi)
  • Nautical Miles (M)

The Position formats are:

  • Degrees, minutes and thousandths of a minute (D°MM.MMM')
  • Degrees, minutes, seconds and tenths of a second (D°MM'SS.S)

Bearings are always displayed as whole degrees

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