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With Nuno Navigator you can create and store a virtually unlimited number of lines. Like all overlay objects you can organize lines into folders along with other overlay objects such as routes, areas and points.

Image:CreateLine_Step1.png Right click on the chart where you want to start the line.

Choose "Line" from the menu.

Image:CreateLine_Step2.png While you are drawing the line, the length and direction of the line are displayed in the tip. You can also see a gray range circle and bearing line.
Image:CreateLine_Step3.png Click where you want to end the line. The length and bearing of the line are now shown next to it.

Once you've created a line you can change its length and/or bearing by dragging either end.

To move the line while keeping its length and bearing the same, drag the handle in the middle of the line.

You can use a line to measure distances and bearings. The length and bearing are displayed in the tooltip while you drag the end of the line. You don't even have to finish the line: you can start a line, hold the other end over something to see the distance or bearing, and then right click or press ESC to abandon the line.

You can still zoom (using the mouse wheel or +/- keys) and pan the chart (holding the mouse near the edge of the chart), when adding a line.

As with any type of overlay, you can reverse your recent changes to lines using the Undo button. You can restore your undone changes using the Redo button.

The example above is a general purpose line. Please see the other Types of Pencil Line

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