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With Nuno Navigator you can create and store a virtually unlimited number of points. You can assign a name to a point and add a comment. Like all overlay objects you can organize points into folders along with other overlay objects such as routes, areas and lines.

Image:CreatePoint_Step1.png Right click on the chart where you want the point.

Choose "Point" from the menu.

Image:CreatePoint_Step2.png The point is displayed on the chart.
Image:CreatePoint_Step3.png You can change the symbol by right clicking on the point and choosing from the list of Symbols.
Image:CreatePoint_Step4.png You can change the label by right clicking on the point and choosing "Rename". If the point is already selected you can also just press F2.

Type the new name into the edit box on the chart. Press Enter or click anywhere outside the edit box to complete the change.

As with any type of overlay, you can reverse your recent changes to points using the Undo button. You can restore your undone changes using the Redo button.

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