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A route consists of a series of waypoints, joined by rhumb lines. With Nuno Navigator you can create and store a virtually unlimited number of routes. You can assign a name to a route and add a comment. Like all overlay objects you can organize routes into folders along with other overlay objects such as areas, points and lines.

In the main window

Image:CreateRoute_Step1.png Right click on the chart where you want the first waypoint.

Choose "Route" from the menu.

Image:CreateRoute_Step2.png Click on the chart where you want the second waypoint.
Image:CreateRoute_Step3.png Click on the chart for each waypoint, until you have a complete route.

To finish, press ESC or right click.

You can also start a new route by clicking on the "Make Route" button.

There are several techniques you can use to refine a route once created:

  • Move an existing waypoint using the mouse to "click and drag"
  • Insert a waypoint by right clicking on a leg and choosing "Insert Waypoint"
  • Insert a waypoint by drag copying an existing one ("click and drag" with the ctrl key pressed).
  • Delete a waypoint by selecting it (click on it) and pressing DEL.
  • Extend a route by clicking on the last waypoint and choosing "Extend Route".

While adding a route, you can still zoom the chart using the mouse wheel or +/- keys. You can also pan the chart, by holding the mouse near the edge of the chart or using the arrow keys.

As with any type of overlay, you can reverse your recent changes to routes using the Undo button. You can restore your undone changes using the Redo button.

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