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Nuno will automatically detect when you are sailing along a route you have made, and start indicating your cross-track error, distance to next waypoint and so on.


If there are multiple routes in the area, Nuno picks the one you're sailing closest to. It does this by looking at your distance from the route, as well as the angle between your course and the route.

In the unlikely event that Nuno picks a very similar route that you didn't intend, this will resolve itself a few minutes after the routes diverge; alternatively, you can go to the Overlay Pane, right click on the unwanted route and select Hide On Chart. Nuno will never follow a hidden route.

If you sail off the middle of one route and onto another, Nuno will automatically follow the new route after a couple of minutes. If you sail off the end of a route and onto another, Nuno will detect this immediately.

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