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Why is the download so big?

Nuno Navigator itself is only a few megabytes - not very big at all! Chart data for an area like the US, on the other hand, is really really big, and there's not much we can do about that.

During our beta program some of you told us that you had trouble with the size of the Nuno download. So, in the new release we've made the initial download really small, and we've built in the chart downloading and updating to Nuno itself.

This means that when you install Nuno for the first time, it will have to go away and download charts. Because Nuno is in charge of the download, we can look after it and make sure that everything gets downloaded properly as soon as possible, even if you shut down your computer temporarily during the download or go off the internet.

When you update Nuno by installing a newer version of the software, it will notice that you already have charts and it won't download them all again.

How do I rearrange the windows in Nuno Navigator?

Nuno Navigator is extremely flexible in how the various windows are arranged on the screen. Your arrangement will be remembered and reinstated automatically when you stop and restart Nuno.

The Passage Planning chart view is always displayed. All other windows, such as the Route Monitor, Chart Catalog, ActiveCaptain and Support Center can each be either freely floating (overlapping the main application window or not), or docked to one side of the Passage Planning chart view.

To undock a window, drag its title bar (point at the title, hold down the left button, drag). Position the window where you want it. Drag an edge or corner to resize it.

To dock a window, drag its title bar so that the pointer is over one of the docking points (arrows that appear on the sides and in the middle of the application window while dragging).

You can also stack multiple windows on top of each other. Drag a window by its title bar so that the pointer is over the title of another window. When windows are stacked, each one will have a tab at the bottom of the window. Use these tabs to choose which one is visible.

There is a context menu on the title of each window which displays the options available.

When does Nuno Navigator need the Internet?

Nuno Navigator will work whether it is able to connect to the Internet or not.

The Internet is required to

  • Install
  • Activate
  • Find out whether there are updates available
  • Download updates
  • View online Help

Of these, only downloading updates involves a significant amount of data (and therefore takes a significant time). Because of this, Nuno Navigator allows you to control whether and when these occur in the Support Center.

Applying chart updates that have already been downloaded does not require any Internet access.

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