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Nuno Navigator is distributed via the Internet. In order to obtain and install it, you need to do the following:

Go to the download page Follow the instructions to download and install the software on your computer.

Choose a chart set

The installer will ask you which chart set to use: US or UK.

If you have purchased a license then you should choose the chart set that corresponds to the license.

If you have purchased a UK licence but have install as US please see here - Change to UK Nuno from US Nuno

If you haven't installed Nuno Navigator before then Nuno will initially just display the World Vector Shoreline backdrop and the "Support Center" pane.

World Vector Shoreline

The support center will take you through creating an account in the Nuno system or activating Nuno against an account that you already have. If you haven't purchased Nuno you will be in trial mode. It is a condition of the trial mode (imposed by the chart licencing deal we have) that the application stops every 20 minutes. To carry on trying Nuno you have to close and restart the application.

Next job is to get some charts. You can pick one or more areas that you are interested in on the map at the top of the support center.

Grab a drink and relax whilst Nuno gets your charts. How quick this is depends on your internet connection and your PC.

Once the clunking and whirring has finished all your charts will be up to date and you are ready to go.

Nice charts


Invalid digital signature - May cause an error message something like:

Error 1330. A file that is required cannot be installed because the cabinet file c:\windows\installer\ms116c.tmp has an invalid digital signature.

This may be caused by the root certificates on the target PC being out of date which in turn can happen if Windows Update has been turned off. To protect our users against fraudulent or malicious spoof sites we digitally sign our installers and executables, which proves that we issued the software. Windows Installer checks all signed files in an install package against the Trusted Root Certificate store on the PC to ensure that it can verify the integrity of each file. These Root Certificates are updated periodically.

If you do not want to use Windows Update to get the new Root Certificates you can manually download the update file from and run it with the “/Q” switch (a reboot is not be required).

More information about the Root Certificate updates can be found at

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