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Nearly everything you can do in Nuno can be done either with the keyboard or with the mouse.

You may find the keyboard faster, particularly if you are using a laptop and you find the trackpad hard to use.

Here's a list of the keyboard shortcuts in Nuno. You can also find these out by hovering the mouse over the buttons in Nuno - the "tooltip" that appears over the button will have the shortcut listed on it.

Operation Key Comment
Zoom In +
Zoom Out -
Rename F2
Scroll View Up Up arrow Passage Planning only
Scroll View Down Down arrow Passage Planning only
Scroll View Left Left arrow Passage Planning only
Scroll View Right Right arrow Passage Planning only
Copy Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Insert
Paste Ctrl+V, Shift+Insert
Cut Ctrl+X, Shift+Delete
Delete Delete
Undo Ctrl+Z, Alt+Backspace
Redo Ctrl+Y
Next Pane F6
Previous Pane Shift+F6
Man Overboard F12
Cancel current operation ESC
Go Back Alt+Left Passage Planning only
Go Forward Alt+Right Passage Planning only
Go To Boat F7
Change Up Orientation Ctrl+U Route monitor only
Make Point Ctrl-P Passage Planning only
Make Line Ctrl-L Passage Planning only
Make Area Ctrl-A Passage Planning only
Make Route Ctrl-R Passage Planning only
Toggle Chart Overview Ctrl-O Passage Planning only
Find Ctrl-F
Toggle Anchoring Mode F8 Passage Planning and Route monitor only
Toggle Viewing Track Log F9
Reset the windows layout Ctrl-Shift Hold keys down when starting Nuno
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