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Though space may be restricted on a boat, nothing can beat a real mouse for moving round the chart. It combines instant, fine, control with a wheel that makes zooming in and out quick and easy.

You can click and drag to move the chart (a File:hand.png cursor is displayed). When you drag to the edge of the chart, hold the cursor near the edge and the chart will continue scrolling until you release the mouse button.

Dragging the chart and zooming in and out works in just the same way while you are adding a route, area or line; use the mouse wheel at any time to zoom, and hold the cursor near the edge of the chart to continue scrolling.

You can also use a keypad to move and the + and - keys to zoom in and out. The arrow keys scroll the chart.

File:Find_Step4.png To go to a particular place, use the search box in the toolbar. See How to find something on the chart.
File:ChartControls_zoom.png Use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out. If you are over the passage planning view, you can put the cursor over an area of interest before zooming, and Nuno will zoom in on that point.

You can zoom with the zoom bar control located in the top right of both views. The +/- keys on your keyboard can also be used to zoom the chart.

File:ChartControls_rotate.png To rotate the chart in the passage planning view, click and hold the north arrow, then turn the chart to your desired rotation. Alternatively you can hold shift and mouse wheel. To return back to north up, double click the north arrow. The tooltip will show you what bearing is up at any given time.
File:ChartControls.png You may want to return to an area of chart you have been looking at before. Nuno Navigator provides you with a set of back/forward buttons which will take you through previous chart positions you have been at.

Note: The route monitor does not allow you to freely rotate the chart, see Orientate the route monitor.

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