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Scenarios within your RYA course can be played out using a NMEA file provided as part of the course.

Showing the Route Monitor

To play back a NMEA file you first need to view the Route Monitor window of the training plotter. Click the Show button and choose Route Monitor.


The button to pick a file is near the top left of the Route Monitor view. Click it.


Clicking the button brings up a standard window where you can choose the NMEA file that you want.


Find the file you need, select it and click the Open button.

Now that you have picked a NMEA file the controls to the right of the file open button allow you stop, restart, jump forward or back and speed up the playback.

In the top right corner are controls to zoom in/out the chart and change whether the view is North Up, Course Up or Route Up (where applicable).

To the bottom right there is an indicator of the availability and quality of the position information (like if a GPS was plugged into a real plotter).

Bottom Centre is cross track error information (if you have a route).


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