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Nuno Navigator allows you to share any of your overlays (points, lines, areas and routes) with other people.

Exporting overlays

Open the Overlays window.
Right click on either an individual overlay or a folder and choose "Export..." from the menu.
A window will pop-up where you can specify the name for the file that will be exported and also the location of where to save the file on your computer. Press "Save" when done.

You can now send this file to someone else, for example, by email. They can import this data into their Nuno Navigator.

Importing overlays

Open the Overlays window
Right click on a folder and choose "Import Here..." from the menu
A window will pop-up where you can browse through the files on your computer and select the Nuno Data File (.noo) that you wish to import. Press "Open" when you have selected the file.

Nuno Navigator will place the imported overlay(s) at the location you chose, inside a new folder which will be named after the data file.

The overlays that you just imported can now be seen on any of your chart views. Image:ShareOverlays_Completed.png

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