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Important note: This page applies only to Nuno Navigator and not to the RYA Training Chart Plotter. There is a different, more friendly way to simulate a GPS in the training plotter. Please see this page Playback a NMEA file

Nuno can be configured to use a NMEA file to simulate data from a GPS when using a real GPS may not be convenient. The following steps detail how to setup Nuno to use a NMEA file.

You can download a sample NMEA file from here or use your own. Recommended settings for this NMEA file are

  • Read Period = 5
  • No.Lines per Read = 2
  • Loop = 1

If you download the above sample NMEA file, you may also want to download this sample route overlay file that corresponds to it. (See How to Share Overlays with Other People to import an overlay file)

Close Nuno Navigator (if it's running)

Open the registry editor via:

   Start | All Programs | Accessories | Run

Enter regedit and click OK Image:SimulateGPS_Step2.png

Browse to the following location in your registry:

               Nuno Navigator\

If you are running 64-bit Windows, you will need to use this location instead:

                   Nuno Navigator\

If you have run Nuno Navigator at least once there will already be two blank entries called NMEA File and Use NMEA File, if not create two new string values with these names at this location.

The format that the NMEA File string needs to take in order for Nuno to interpret it correctly is:

   (Filename),(Read period),(No. lines each read),(Loop);

The Registry value requires the following parameters, separated by commas

Parameter Meaning Possible Values
Filename The path to a .snNMEA file located on your computer
Read period The period in seconds that lines of NMEA data are read from the file Any whole number greater than zero
No. lines each read The number of lines of data read from the file each period Any whole number greater than zero. Typically 1 or 2
Loop Indicates whether Nuno should loop back to the beginning of the file when all data has been read 0 = Don’t loop

1 = Loop

Enter a value of 1 for Use NMEA File.

When you have completed these steps you should see something in the registry editor that is similar to: Image:SimulateGPS_Step4.png

IMPORTANT: Remember to switch back to real GPS input by setting the Use NMEA File value to 0 once you no longer want to simulate a GPS.

Image:SimulateGPS_Step6.pngThe GPS symbol in the Route Monitor View is replaced with a similar one which shows that the data is coming from a simulation file.

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