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Maritime PC's and Laptops

Panasonic refurbished rugged computers- A wide variety of rugged laptops suitable for any harsh environment. Specials are often available giving you your rugged needs for a cut price. There is also a handy chart which helps you specify your requirements and then choose the perfect solution for you.

Marine PC- Specifically tailored computers for use within the maritime industry. All built to deal with extreme conditions, such as high and low extremes of temperatures, shock and humidity. Waterproofing is also available for monitors and base units.

Glacier Computers- Glacier Computers offers possibly the widest range of ruggedized solutions for whatever your need may be. They offer ruggedized laptops all the way to ruggedized PDA's and wearable computers. Durable and resistant, with sunlight readable displays as standard.

Group Mobile- These are fully rugged computers, sealed to protect from salt and humidity corrosion. GPS is included within laptops so no need for a usb dongle. Sunlight readable displays as standard.

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