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== Scotland ==
== Scotland ==
GB42524C: Rockall (Approach)<br/>
GB42524F: Scotland - North West Coast - Saint Kilda and Boreray (Approach)<br/>
GB42524F: Scotland - North West Coast - Saint Kilda and Boreray (Approach)<br/>
GB502500: Scotland West Coast - Ullapool (Harbour)<br/>
GB502500: Scotland West Coast - Ullapool (Harbour)<br/>

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How complete is the UK Coastal Chart Pack?

The UK coastal charts included in the UK Nuno price has a chart for everywhere in the UK. There are however places where you can get a more detailed chart. Our licence for charts from the UKHO (Admiralty) excludes some charts where they rely on another organisation’s information for more than 20% of the chart. This is an annoying fact of life unfortunately. We don’t like it. It’s hard to explain to customers and certainly not a ploy on our part to sell extra charts.

These charts are spread around the UK so it is unlikely that you would want have buy many charts. If you sail out of Hull the lack of a detailed chart of Saint Kilda probably won’t trouble you. If you ever need that chart it will cost around 5 pounds.

The omissions are mainly detailed harbour and berthing charts.

We advise you to have the charts you need before sailing and to consider escape routes as well as your ideal planned route.

If anyone needs more information or help please ping us on email (, facebook or via the Forum.

The chart descriptions can be a little misleading sometimes – for example chart GB50786C Rathlin Island is not available and that is a Harbour chart at 1:2500. Rathlin Island does have coverage at 1:22000 and 1:90000 from the Rathlin Sound and Lough Foyle to Mull of Kintyre charts. The Nuno chart purchasing system can help you see the coverage where there is extra detail available (quick video at [1]).

Here’s the list:


GB42524F: Scotland - North West Coast - Saint Kilda and Boreray (Approach)
GB502500: Scotland West Coast - Ullapool (Harbour)


Approach charts
GB401840: Ireland - Bantry Bay - Black Ball Head to Shot Head
GB401984: Galway Bay
GB401819: Approaches to the River Shannon
GB401838: Ireland - West Coast - Bantry Bay - Shot Head to Bantry
Harbour Charts
GB501838: Ireland - West Coast - Bantry Bay Oil Terminal
GB52041D: Republic Of Ireland - South Coast - Dunmore East Harbour
GB501840: Ireland - West Coast - Castletown Bearhaven
GB50786C: Rathlin Island
GB50921A: Rossaveel
GB50901C: Malahide Inlet
GB62494E: Ireland - North Coast - Portrush


GB50871C: River Lynher
GB51967B: River Plym
GB51859C: Port of Bristol - City Docks
GB50242U: Bembridge Harbour
GB50224L: Christchurch Harbour
GB600147: Mevagissey


GB50864E: Cardiff Docks

Andy Nibbs and Tim Scott-Douglas

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