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Explanation (you can skip this)

Sometimes the RYA Training Plotter fails to set-up properly the first time it is started. Because this leaves a folder incompletely set-up it will the keep giving unusual errors.

The solution is to move the folder to Trash and start it again.

Please follow these instructions:

1. (If you haven't already) Drag the RYA application from the download to your Applications folder. The download is compressed and every time you run it direct from the download it has to be expanded and that takes time.

2. Restart the Mac.

3. Get Finder up and do CMD + SHIFT + G (i.e. hold down CMD and SHIFT and tap G). That will get you the "Go to the folder” box up. Then copy in the following

~/Library/Application Support/

And hit return

4. Carefully "move to trash" the folder called com.chersoft.rya_14222729204162

Now try running the plotter again.

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