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== Passage Planning ==
== Passage Planning ==
[[RYA Plotter Support Home]]
[[Create a route]]<br/>
[[Create a route]]<br/>
[[Create a line]]<br/>
[[Create a line]]<br/>

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Installing and updating Nuno Navigator, and updating charts

Hardware requirements
Install Nuno Navigator
Update all charts
Update the Nuno Navigator application

Using the Charts

Understand the chart
Chart Symbols
Move around the chart
Find something on the chart
Change units and formats
Change what is displayed on the chart
Completeness of UK Coastal Charts

Passage Planning

RYA Plotter Support Home Create a route
Create a line
Create an area
Create a point
Undo changes
Organize overlays
Import Overlays
Share overlays with other people
Types of Pencil Line

Route Monitoring

Connect a GPS
Troubleshoot the GPS input
Follow a pre-planned route
Orientate the route monitor
Simulate a GPS
Practice Man Overboard
See Your Track
Receiving WiFi Broadcast GPS and AIS


Reset Window Layout
Getting Support
Keyboard Shortcuts
External Links
Suggested Hardware for Nuno Navigator

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