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What's a firewall

You probably have a "firewall" on you computer. In this context we are talking about some software on your PC that controls what access applications have to the network/internet. This is to stop rogue applications sending your keystrokes to hackers and that sort of thing.

Whether you get a popup depends on how well your computer "trusts" the network and how the firewall is setup. Mostly the default settings provide a sensible balance between handling malware (rogue software) and not getting in the way. So you might use Nuno fine on a home or work network and then face a firewall popup on a marina wifi.

What Nuno does

Nuno communicates across a network in two ways.

TCP - this is to get charts and licence updates from our services on the internet. We use HTTPS (encrypted) communication when doing this.

UDP - this is to receive GPS and AIS signals sent over your local network if you use a box like the Digital Yacht WLN20 (others available) to spread this information across a WiFi network. UDP communication stays local you WiFi.

What a Firewall popup looks like

Other firewalls and Windows Firewall on other versions of windows might look slightly different.

What boxes can I safely tick?

You can tick all the boxes. It's safe to update your charts from an open public internet connection. It's also safe to buy Nuno from the Nuno or extra charts from a public WiFi. Obviously watch out for people watching over your shoulder when entering credit card details in a public place!

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