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From version 3.4 Nuno can get AIS and GPS information that is broadcast over WiFi by one of the "boxes" on the market that do this. (There are also hobbyist systems that you can build with a Raspberry Pi or similar.)

This is a very good way to have position (and AIS) fixes usable throughout a boat on a bunch of different devices without needing to get involved in NMEA multiplexers, virtual COM ports and associated misery.

If you want to use Nuno on a Windows 10 tablet and carry it around on deck in a waterproof case then clearly a wireless feed is necessary.

UDP "Ports"

Nuno receives information across the WiFi that is sent out using what is known as UDP broadcast. We listen on ports 1703, 2000 and 10110 to cover devices made by Digital Yacht (e.g. WLN10, WLN20 and iAIS), DMK Yacht Instruments and the theoretical "standard" port. By default Nuno will listen on these ports. Ports can be disabled and extra ports added. This is currently by a registry change please contact support for details. A more user friendly way to control these settings is in the pipeline.

Windows Firewall

To use this feature Nuno will have to be allowed to communicate with the network and Windows Firewall (or another firewall) may offer to block access.

Please have a look at: Nuno and Firewalls

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