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Nuno stores a track log showing where you've been. Click the "Track Log" button at the top right to show or hide the track log on the chart.


The track log has six-minute markers on it, so you can quickly estimate the time at which you were at a particular point. For a more precise time, hover over a point on the track to see exactly when you were there, as well as your speed and bearing.


Normally the track will fade away and disappear eventually, so as not to clutter up your chart with years of evidence of your adventures. If you want to keep sections of the track in order to share with other people or to plan future routes, right click on the track and select "Track".


Drag out the section of the track you'd like to keep.


This section will then be available as a Track overlay - it will appear in the Overlay pane, and you can rename it, export it and organise it just like your routes.

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