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US Charts

NOAA update some charts each week. If you have a current subscription, Nuno Navigator provides a simple way to ensure that all your charts are up to date with the latest that are available:

  • Display the Support Center using the Show button.
  • In the chart section, click "Update".
  • Nuno will display the progress of your update, or let you know if no updates are available.

You can also check "Always automatically download charts". This will check once a day for new updates and download and install any it finds.

UK Charts

UK chart updates are released every three months.

We intend to release a version of Nuno very shortly that can automatically download and install UK updates.

Any charts

If you close Nuno™ during updating then it will finish the cells it is working on before it quits. When you restart the update it will quickly skip over the cells that are already updated.

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