Lights, Fog Signals, Radar

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File:ChartImage_153.jpg153light flare, red
File:ChartImage_154.jpg154light flare, green
File:ChartImage_155.jpg154light flare, white or yellow
File:ChartImage_152.jpg152light flare
File:ChartImage_156.jpg156strip light
File:ChartImage_129.jpg129fog signal
File:ChartImage_221.jpg221retro reflector, simplified
File:ChartImage_205.jpg205symbol indicating this object is radar conspicuous
File:ChartImage_206.jpg206radar reflector
File:ChartImage_228.jpg228radar transponder beacon
File:ChartImage_213.jpg213radio station
File:ChartImage_187.jpg187pilot boarding place
File:ChartImage_225.jpg225rescue station
File:ChartImage_77.jpg77coastguard station
File:ChartImage_233.jpg233signal station
File:ChartImage_234.jpg234yacht harbor, marina

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