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Our demonstration overlays

When you use Nuno Navigator for the first time, it contains some demonstration routes, areas, lines and points. These are all in a folder called "Demonstration" which you can display using the Overlays window.

Organising your own plans

You can create folders and use them to organise routes, areas, lines and points that you have made.

Image:OrganizeOverlays_Step1.png Click on "Show" and then "Overlays"
Image:OrganizeOverlays_Step2.png The Overlays window is displayed.
Image:OrganizeOverlays_Step3.png Right click on the "Overlays" folder and choose "New Folder"
Image:OrganizeOverlays_Step4.png Rename the new folder by right clicking on it and choosing "Rename". If the folder is already selected, you can just press F2.

Reducing chart clutter

You can hide overlays from the chart by right clicking on anything in the Overlay tree and unchecking the "Hide on chart" option. Make them visible again by right clicking and checking the "Hide on chart" option again

You can use this option to hide the demonstration data we provide (although you can just delete it altogether if you like!). You could also put all last year's plans in a folder and then hide it, or hide a particular route to keep it out of the way while you plan a new similar route that goes through the same place.

Different ways to organise your plans

Organize your passage plans into sailing seasons, geographical areas, chronological order or any other arrangement that suits you.

Undoing mistakes

As with any other change to overlays, if you make a mistake when organizing your overlays, you can reverse your changes using the Undo button.

Scrolling the chart to see a particular route

To see any of your overlays on the chart, right click on the overlay in the Overlay Tree and choose Image:Search.png "Go to". "Go to" will scroll the chart so the overlay you've chosen is in the centre, or for a folder it will pan and zoom the chart to show everything in that folder.

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Installing the RYA Training Plotter

Install the training plotter application
Activate the training plotter application
Update the plotter application

Using the Charts

Understand the chart
Chart Symbols
Move around the chart
Find something on the chart
Change units and formats
Change what is displayed on the chart
View Raster Charts

Passage Planning

Create a route
Create a line
Types of Pencil Line
Create an area
Create a point
Undo changes
Organize overlays
Import Overlays
Share overlays with other people

Route Monitoring

Playback a NMEA file
Follow a pre-planned route
Orientate the route monitor
See Your Track


Reset Window Layout
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