Shore Features, Ports

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File:ChartImage_180.jpg180offshore platform
File:ChartImage_162.jpg162land as a point at small scale
File:ChartImage_65.jpg65 built-up area
File:ChartImage_7.jpg7 symbol for airport as a point
File:ChartImage_199.jpg 199mine, quarry
File:ChartImage_413.jpg 413general symbol for a tree
File:ChartImage_414.jpg 414mangrove
File:ChartImage_193.jpg 193position of a point feature
File:ChartImage_194.jpg 194position of a conspicuous point feature
File:ChartImage_195.jpg 195position of an elevation or control point
File:ChartImage_407.jpg 407tower
File:ChartImage_408.jpg 408water tower
File:ChartImage_411.jpg 411conspicuous water tower
File:ChartImage_409.jpg 409conspicuous tower
File:ChartImage_173.jpg 173Mast
File:ChartImage_174.jpg 174conspicuous mast
File:ChartImage_169.jpg 169Monument
File:ChartImage_170.jpg 170conspicuous monument
File:ChartImage_125.jpg 125flare stack
File:ChartImage_126.jpg 126conspicuous flare stack
File:ChartImage_80.jpg 80Chimney
File:ChartImage_81.jpg 81conspicuous chimney
File:ChartImage_435.jpg 435windmotor
File:ChartImage_436.jpg 436conspicuous windmotor
File:ChartImage_440.jpg 440conspicuous windmill
File:ChartImage_439.jpg 439windmill
File:ChartImage_128.jpg 128flagstaff, flagpole
File:ChartImage_111.jpg 111Dome
File:ChartImage_112.jpg 112conspicuous dome
File:ChartImage_130.jpg 130fortified structure
File:ChartImage_131.jpg 131conspicuous fortified structure
File:ChartImage_72.jpg 72single building
File:ChartImage_73.jpg 73conspicuous single building
File:ChartImage_66.jpg 66non-conspicuous religious building, Christian
File:ChartImage_69.jpg 69conspicuous religious building, Christian
File:ChartImage_67.jpg 67non-conspicuous religious building, non-Christian
File:ChartImage_70.jpg 70conspicuous religious building, non-Christian
File:ChartImage_68.jpg 68mosque or minaret
File:ChartImage_373.jpg 373tank
File:ChartImage_374.jpg 374conspicuous tank
File:ChartImage_231.jpg 231silo
File:ChartImage_232.jpg 232conspicuous silo
File:ChartImage_203.jpg 203Quarry
File:ChartImage_222.jpg 222refinery
File:ChartImage_223.jpg 223conspicuous refinery
File:ChartImage_375.jpg 375tank farm
File:ChartImage_376.jpg 376conspicuous tank farm
File:ChartImage_437.jpg 437wind generator farm
File:ChartImage_438.jpg 438conspicuous wind generator farm
File:ChartImage_207.jpg 207radar scanner
File:ChartImage_208.jpg 208conspicuous radar scanner
File:ChartImage_147.jpg 147Hulk
File:ChartImage_142.jpg 142navigable lock gate
File:ChartImage_143.jpg 143non-navigable lock gate
File:ChartImage_63.jpg 63symbol for opening bridge
File:ChartImage_171.jpg 171mooring dolphin
File:ChartImage_172.jpg 172deviation mooring dolphin
File:ChartImage_179.jpg 179obstruction in the water which is always above water level
File:ChartImage_188.jpg 188pile or bollard
File:ChartImage_64.jpg 64berth number symbol
File:ChartImage_90.jpg 90Cranes
File:ChartImage_372.jpg 372timber yard
File:ChartImage_108.jpg 108distance mark
File:ChartImage_109.jpg 109distance point with no mark
File:ChartImage_146.jpg 146fishing harbor
File:ChartImage_234.jpg 234yacht harbor, marina
File:ChartImage_206.jpg 206radar reflector
File:ChartImage_494.jpg 494coastline or shoreline construction of low accuracy in position
File:ChartImage_bridge.jpg bridge
File:ChartImage_overheadcable.jpg overhead cable
File:ChartImage_overheadpipeline.jpg overhead pipeline


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